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Metro Atlanta is a bustling beautiful place to live and if you live in the Metro Area chances are you have found your way to this page because you are tired of pain, fed up with weight loss/gain programs burnt out by stress and just plain tired of being tired.  You have come to the right place.  We can help.

Acupuncture treatments is  not know by many people and the thought of needles might  have made you want to run.  Do not worry ex-Wrestlers, and Soccer Moms alike get nervous. Let us be the first to put these fears to rest. 

Let us Treat the Problem – Not Mask It.

If you are tired of conventional treatments (pills, surgery, injections) and conventional wisdom (“you are getting older,” “it is just arthritis,”  “just live with it”) give health another chance.  You deserve it.  We will try to make sense of it all for you here.

We want to get to the core of your health issues and we know you do too.  Using Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chinese Medicinals, Personal Nutrition Plans, Aromatherapy and Homeopathy, we can optimize your body’s healing  and help you reclaim your energy and well-being.

If  you are ready to take control of your health and rediscover your youth and live a long healthy life, call us now at:

+1(888) 871-1884
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We are Listening

Imagine this:  a place where you can go that feels as cozy as your living room.  You sit down and  have a chat – we mean really talk about you: your devotion to your brilliant three -year old, your food cravings, that pain on your shoulders; that lack of sleep, or joie de virve.  Mind and body,  it is all you – and it is all related .  That is the beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After a meaningful chat, you get to have the deepest, most amazing nap, drifting away at the sound of tranquil music.  If your eyes are closed, you were probably oblivious to those tiny needles that somehow magically rearranged everything in there and made you feel like things were just right in the world again.  Yeah.  Its that easy.

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See What Our Patients Say

Harry Palmer
Harry Palmer
Wonderful all over.
Loretta Hill
Loretta Hill
I have had pain in my lower back and hip joints for years. The pain medication prescribed by the VA was not working and I had concerns about taking anti-inflammatory medications for a long period of time. I finally went to see Dr. Oksana for treatment and I went weekly for 2 months, I did not take a pain pill the entire time I was under her care. Dr. O and Madala has been a true blessing to me. They are warm, caring and made me feel like family. I love these guys! I would recommend acupuncture treatment over traditional medicine hands down. Thank you Acupuncture Herbs Clinic for helping improve my quality of life.
T Barton
T Barton
Very knowledgeable, expresses passion for healing. More importantly, treats clients/ patients well: warm attitude, open, and supportive. Great environment created with love.
Julia Wagner
Julia Wagner
I am so happy I found this place! I was in so much pain from sciatica, among a laundry list of other things. My pain level has been reduced from a level 8 to level 3 fro my sciatica pain. On my last visit I came in with a bad cough that's been bothering me for a month: I had chest congestion and I was wheezing every night. After the treatment , plus an herbal tea that I purchased there that I am taking mornings and night, the phlegm is almost gone, the cough doesn't hurt any more and I slept well without wheezing, I didn't know she could even help me with my cough/chest congestion, I would have come sooner! I was getting ready to get antibiotics bc I couldn't shake my cough and I would feel miserable come night time. After several treatments at the acupuncture clinic overall I noticed that I sleep better and my appetite has returned (umm, I need that reversed please.... :)). Before I started treatment I was really irritable and moody and that has decreased tremendously: this of course could also have to do with the fact that I am in considerably less pain now. I don't often write reviews but this place has me convinced that acupuncture works. They are so friendly and sweet, you get treated like family. The doctor genuinely is eager to help, she listens, and then works her magic. I walk out so relaxed and calm, I am amazed that such tiny needles can have such big effect. If you've tried acupuncture before and it didn't work, try this place, you won't regret it. I'd also like to mention that I have not tried cupping yet, but it is a service that they also offer.
Elly Okello
Elly Okello
I felt great after my sessions and can't stop talking about the relief from the treatment. Very professional. ..see for yourself
Nicole Mayfield
Nicole Mayfield
I have been going here for years. First she helped me so much with sciatic nerve. For the past several years chronic bronchitis. The treatment that was truly amazing was a stutter I developed. After 3 sessions I was talking 80% better. Truly life changing. Highly recommend. I am on the maintenance program 1 time a month.
Beth Nations
Beth Nations
I have had pain behind my left knee for 30 years off and on and MRI’s, X-rays showed there was nothing to indicate why it hurt like a burning toothache. I have taken ibuprofen for years just to be able to sleep at night. My last resort was acupuncture. I went in for my first visit and Dr. Oksana said she could help me. That night I was in more pain than ever and I went in the next morning and she said I was in crisis healing. She worked on me again and I have had no pain in over two weeks. This has never happened. I’m now on every two weeks and will taper down to once a month. It’s a miracle for me. Thank you Dr.
Nyaboke Machini
Nyaboke Machini
Dr. Osano is great and is very knowledgeable with pain management. I came in for back pain and continued with sessions until I became pain free. I go once a month to get a cupping massage in addition to my acupuncture. Bonus, they take many different insurances!