About Us

S. Akinyi Osano graduated with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, Doctor of Oriental Medicine from Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Fl. During her Internship she trained under amazing Doctors from China and the US, and went on a Mission trip to Tanzania – this trip inspired her Intention, Health to Billions.  She continues to actively pursue specialized education in Chinese medicine;  there really is no end to the scope of this incredible field.

The Technical Stuff:

 What do all those letters mean?

  • Florida College of Integrative Medicine,  MSOM, DOM,  Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, Doctor of Oriental Medicine
  • Board Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Acupuncture, Georgia an Rhode Island
  • Diplomat in Oriental Medicine, National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine(Dipl. OM.)
  • Certified Chinese Nutritionist
  • Diplomat Aromatherapy
  • Certified Homeopathy
  • Certified Tension Point Therapy
  • Certified Acupoint Injection Therapy
  • Certified Auricular Therapy
  • Bachelor of Professional Health Studies



Given her good fortune of working with incredible mentors, she has specialized training in pain management,  weight loss,  women’s health, men’s health and emotional health among others.

Having seen women’s health an issue for those around her and many of her patients, she is especially passionate about helping those she sees to live a healthy balanced life.  Add to the mix are personal training certification, keeping up with studies alternative healing modalities, and a voracious appetite for studying Eastern & Western Health, she has  a unique and powerful approach that includes Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy and Aromatherapy that will help you be well.


How did she get here?

Her Life journey started in Kenya where her Mother-Madala would use Traditional Medicine and her Father-Konje would take the family to see a Western Trained Doctor whenever anyone got sick.  This approach was not unusual considering that their peers, her Uncle included were Doctors in one field or another.  The method of Traditional Medicine of her people The Luo of West Kenya she later found out were similar to what she was to study – for example bitter herbs used for digestive disorders, massage with herbs, cupping – where it was used to help in emotional issues when used around the heart area – Heart front mu.

Having studied Business while in Kenya, and worked in Government and as and Account Executive in an Advertising Agency, health was of no interest to her until she came to America and found health care to be a another ball game.  At one time her insurance  company refused to cover her new pregnancy for one reason or another and thus began the journey to find alternative ways to live a healthy life for her and her family and some of the modalities included with Aromatherapy, yoga, juicing, herbal medicine and meditation.

She continued reading more about healing and kept on wondering why there was no healing but a system of health management, with new diseases coming up, cost of care rising up and more people dying form diseases that were easy to prevent. So one day she bumped into Oriental Medicine, at  her Aromatherapy Class and her curiosity led her to get a treatment which led her to  immediately became her Doctors apprentice and the rest is history.  The only thing more incredible than witnessing health transformations as an apprentice was realizing she had the very real privilege of sharing this gift with the world, Medicine akin to that of her childhood and at an affordable cost.

She enrolled in School, luckily one had just opened in Georgia, and closed soon after.  She transferred to  a School in Denver (it had a “teach out” program with the Georgia School) and thus started her years of commute and living in two different States each week.  In one she went to School in the other she took care of family and worked in her small successful floral business.  The distance became too much but quitting was not an option.  Between children, family and friends one cannot quit on ones dream when they are your biggest supporters and  cheerleaders:).  She also  really, really, really did like this Medicine, and some breaks here and there helped make the journey easier.  So she transferred to a College near Georgia, this time in Orlando and that is where she graduated with Honors.  She is Board certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Her Intention – Health to Billions.

Akinyi, a self-proclaimed foodie, enjoys cooking and experiencing different world cuisines. She enjoys spending time with her four adult children(two of which are in college, the other two have graduated), family and friends,  reading. She allows enjoys what she describes as her “somtimes hobbies” of gardening, yoga and tai chi.